Decide about design of your dashboard !

The emerging technologies are offering us a freedom to arrange the interior of our vehicles just in a way we design our kitchen or living room. The steering wheel, navigation and all the elements from control panel can be placed in any place you want (taking in account safety of course).
I am just working on project like this and it is important for me to know what is your opinion about it?

Saab and Volvo were working on this stuff in the 80s- center mounted stick instead of a wheel, etc. What they found is that people don’t want their control systems rearranged, regardless of whatever benefits you can come up with. That’s obviously not much help for what I assume is a university project, but it is a market reality you should consider.

I have been researching product semantics and car interiors is a topic I have found a bit about.

There is a language to a car interior that tells us what each function does. Therefore re-arranging it would change that language and a new learning process would have to start.

However designing the interior of our cars would allow us to feel more comfortable on long drives etc. An interesting concept!

Hope this helps. If you have any views on product semantics a language of design: please leave a message any info will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You.