Decide about design of your dashboard

The emerging technologies are offering us a freedom to arrange the interior of our vehicles just in a way we design our kitchen or living room. The steering wheel, navigation and all the elements from control panel can be placed in any place you want (taking in account safety of course).
I am just working on project like this and it is important for me to know what is your opinion about it?

I would be interested to know what your point is. (Sorry if that sounds harsh). I can understand moving the navigation around – maybe – but the rest seems redundant.

Reasoning: There is one safe, effective location for controls such as the steering wheel and pedals to be located. Experts have spent the better part of a hundred years perfecting this. I think you’d find that in the vast majority of cases, the people would leave the controls in the default location. What’s the point of moving the steering wheel to the centre, for example, if the seat is staying in one place? And if you’re moving the seat to the centre, won’t that decrease visibility of oncoming traffic?

I could see this valuable in three places:
(1) To adjust for normal statistical variations (already done to a huge extent, with tilt/telescope wheels, six-way seats, and movable pedals)
(2) If you come up with a dramatically new way of controlling the car, for example a sidestick.
(3) To make it easier to produce left-hand and right-hand drive versions of a given car (parts are already pretty modular, so it might only be good for a few cases…say a person who regularly commutes through the Chunnel.)

So my opinion is that it’s a neat idea, but I wouldn’t pay more for a car with the feature.

Unless it had toggle switches in a row above the driver’s sun visor. I love those (as seen in The Fifth Element, countless James Bond movies.)

Take a look at how airplanes are replacing all their analog displays with multi-function digital displays. They have:
“Fuel gage,”
“Warning displays,”
“outside TV displays,”
“constanly updated reports on weather & traffic displays”
“Moving Maps for directions.”