Anyone know a good printer for decals and labels for prototyping? I’ve looked at vinyl and UV printers and wondering if there’s more options out there.

Search ‘Dry Transfers’

We used to get dry transfers made in advance with brand logos at a bunch of sizes and common ui elements like power and volume symbols, that way they were on hand… that was long ago. Now I just do it all through a prototype shop that has the transfers made themselves.

drytransfer dot com has come through for us lately. there’s a bit of a learning curve with the application of the transfer; make some extras.

If you’re talking an actual printer machine, I donno. Probably expensive and would take a while to pay for itself.

Haven’t done them in a while. We used to use this shop in Santa Ana. adcompinc. Website design is a bit outdated but they used to do dry transfers for most ID companies in LA & Orange County area (i see you’re in San Diego). I’m sure they can do custom labels too. They can use any substrate and adhesive for your applications. We actually had them do everything from dry transfers to Mylar panels to be backlit for appliances. I’m sure there’s a ton of online shops you could use.