Debate#2 Kerry kicks Bush's ass again

Bush got whooped. Kerry; “Mr President, you are batting 0 for 2!”

Bush the environmental presisdent? Does he actually believe Americans are stupid?

If we can’t notice how arrogant and stupid Bush is and vote him in again as President. Then we are defenitely really stupid!

You are definately stupid.

You are really stupid because you spelled “definitely” wrong dumb jerk. Go back to grade 2!

Im a viktum of U.S. educational sistum and teachurs unions.

No worries. Bush’s no-support version of No Child Left Behind means you get drafted!

I wuz educated under Clinton… and I do mean under. It was drafty allright… he left the window open.

I think Dubya needs a BJ. Way he jumps all over people including that moderator its like he hasn’t ever had any. Remember: When Clinton Lied No One Died. When Bush Deceived Many Grieved.

I thought it was funny when Kerry brought up Bush’s Timber company.
It was the first time we heard about a President’s wood and it wasn’t referring to Clinton’s penis. Wanna’ buy some wood?

Funnier still is that it turns out Bush does have wood but didn’t even know it! Guess the first lady has been getting kindling somewhere else! How stupid can someone be to not know he has it and then, as a joke, to offer it for sale!!! Only Dubya. Only Dubya.

W is for Wood :smiley: