debate 101

What defines The True Believer and the Cynic is both have stopped asking questions, have no doubts, and are threatened by anything but their own dogma.

There can’t be a dialogue, nothing to learn when they meet, only arguments.

Invariably, (even here on Core) it degenerates to name calling and threats sometimes, much worse.

Being passionate is a hallmark of a good designer, but how do you know when a conviction has closed your mind?

How do you know when a conviction has closed your mind?

If you have the hallmarks of being a good designer, then your mind is never closed and thus you are neither a True Believer nor a Cynic.

Being a good designer requires a great deal of problem solving, learning, and re-learning. The process of design can be applied to how a pen is made or to a law drawn by a pen.

Believing that some things cannot be design related is not believing in the nature of design. Even chaos itself requires a measure of design.

Everything that surrounds us and governs how we live our lives is designed and thus related.

If you don’t believe this, then you have a conviction.

And having a conviction is essentially having a closed mind making you a Cynic or True Believer incapable of compromise.

Just check out the talking heads at Fox news. That should give you case studies of both types :slight_smile: