Death of Ohio

that state taking it in the shorts. Fitch. Rubbermaid. and today Hoover news is theyre basically gone. geezus.

post a news link!

Or better yet post the article itself. I’m sure I’m not the only one sick of having to register for every newspaper in the nation just because they have one article of interest.

sorry. heard it from a friend. but also saw headline on Yahoo.

easy to find tho. is a decent resource:

Hoover’s North Canton, Ohio, facilities will be downsized to a research and development and manufacturing site. The company’s corporate headquarters and Maytag Appliances operations will also be downsized.

sounds like Rubbermaid. Wooster split in half. one group to NC. other group to Akron. Akron group doesnt sound confident in their future tho.

bet Hoover’s Canton R&D gets gutted. turns into sourcing group. wont be much left but the brand.

Sorry-- I got that from Google News, and it didnt make me register when I clicked through…