Dear Yo and all you proffesional designers im asking for Adv

Dear designers

Im Remy I Have a big passion for footwear design

i spend everyday hours on sketching

my dream is to became one day a nike designer i do everyhting to follow

can u guys give me advice of things that i have to do to reach that

I even dont study Indusrtial designs or something

PLeasssee give me advicce



If you can post some work up, it will help us to lead you in the right direction from where you are now. I will tell you that speaking from experience, it CAN be done. But it’s a helluva lot of hard work and you will have to be willing to put all of your effort into it.

Knowing where you are at now can help us guide you in advice. how old are you? what kind of design experience do you have? posting up some samples is also good to get a feel of where you are and where you want to be.


Whatever you do in footwear be prepared to go through some extreme highs and some extreme lows. getting that first job in through the door is the hardest thing and can take a long time but once you do get there it can be very rewarding.

Thanks for advice

im 17 years old

this is one of my sketching

im really trying i love Footwear i Really work hard to became one one day

good start. the passion you have is the best driver to push yourself.

your sketch is a good start.

work on refining your linework and proportions.

i’d suggest to make an underlay that you can trace with the basic propotions and spend some time going over it. work into the details and the subtleties of the design.

take your design to start with and do some variations to work out the pattern. why is the part on the side of the shoe square? how does it relate to other elements in the design? why is the line of the eyestay wavy? what does it look like from a different view?

slow down your sketches and think more about the relationship of the different parts while you are working on it. it looks a bit like the different parts of the design dont work together as much as a whole as they could.

keep up the good effort. posting your work is an excellent first step and I applaud you for putting it out there for critique. its not easy for everyone to be as open as you are when starting out.




Thanks for posting! To be 17 and have a passion about where you want to go in life is a gift. I was similar, sketching for hours a day as a kid.

What colleges are you looking at?

Being a designer is becoming less about designing a specific product, and evolving more into a holistic approach to delivering products and experiences that go beyond consumer expectations.

What does all that BS mean?

Think big! Don’t just draw a shoe, let your passion for footwear take you further. What do you think people will want in the next decade? Where do you think technology will go in the next 20 years? Can you design a collection of multiple pieces of footwear, apparel, watches, eyewear, the retail environment, and online component, that blows away the competition!

Doing that for a big brand like Nike is hard, but doing it for a smaller brand, without a big logo to rely is even harder! Think outside the swoosh and show the world what you can bring.

Check out the tutorials on the web and designers portfolio and strive to out do those.

My biggest advice would be to keep pushing yourself, identify people that can help you, and don’t let anyone slow you down. Work harder than you can, and have fun at it.

Damn MD,

You’re gonna scare the hell out of this poor guy! LOL

He went from wanting to draw a few shoes to designing a cohesive footwear, jewelry and apparel line for 10 years into the future that’s better than Nike!!!

LOL!!!..oh man, I am literally LMAO over here! It’s great advice…just sounds a bit overbearing for a 17 year old. BUT-always good to have the bigger picture in the back of your mind.

Anyways, yeah def strive to outdo yourself everyday…one step at a time though.

It is DEFINITELY a benefit just knowing WHAT you are passionate about. I know a lot of people who don’t even know what they like…which is weird to me, but okay. If you know, it’s easy to work hard at it and stay focused!

And you know it’s funny~ Everyone always says think 10 years ahead, think about new technologies…this and that. Then you go to interview with these big companies and they look at you like you’re crazy for not keeping it simple, or mass production friendly. I think there has to be a balance where you show that you can do both in a wide range. But do it anyways because in ten years the retro craze might finally die off and we’ll need people who can be creative again. If not, I’ll probably strangle myself with a pair of glow-in-the-dark fat laces and call it quits. LOL


Wow! I don’t know, Tony. I kinda liked what Mike said. It got me all fired up and ready to start my own brand. :stuck_out_tongue: All I need are investors. I’ll start making calls tomorrow.

Hello remy, sounds french isn’t it??

evrybody,s right, the moderators and the guests. why because we all share the same value here, the passion for footwear, whatever age we have, whatever experience, what pushes us ahead are our guts for that job.

all I say is don’t, never stop, drawing imagining, draw a shoe from a bottle of water, of wine, of a brioche pasquier, for the softness…I am not jocking…go to what might be crazy, impossible cos at your age having fun is crucial, serious time will come one day, and maybe will we work together if in the future footwear takes you further.

Now if you want to practice your drawing with more details, here is an exercise I have done about your age and years later.

I ve chosen the piece of footwear I liked the most and redraw it exactly the way it is, real size . the side view. it was a running shoe, I have been through every single piece, did all the stitches, the labels, the shadows and the lights…etc.

yes it sounds crazy but it really helped me to understand what it takes to assembly a real shoe.

I did gigantic steps after these exercises

thank you for sharing with us a sample of your drawings.

the last word, keep in mind one thing:

time is on your side… to build and foster your passion.

you re always welcome

good exercise.

I also recommend cutting up as many different types of shoes as you can to help understand construction, and materials.

Old shoes you may have lying around, or even picking up shoes from a thrift store are good candidates.

As well, take a good look at the work and sketches of other footwear designers. Even working on copying a rendering/sketch will help you develop an eye for proportions and details that you can then use in your own work.

The sketching and rendering are communication tools that you can strengthen with practice. Like reading or riding a bike, the more you do it, the better you will get.

To develop your design skills, as Yo suggested, think about not only footwear. Look at different products for inspiration and challenge yourself with problems and look for solutions…

Keep up the effort and the passion!


THank you all soww much

for giving me the advice

im gonna work on all the points and send soon some new sketch samples


^^some great feedback above

1 thing might help you.
Get your mind on things aside from shoes. I Find that the more look at other areas of design it opens up ideas for footwear.

Also people observation I think can be helpful. Seeing what they wear, how they wear it, what they wear it with, how old they are, where they are when you see them etc…all of this can be helpful when you sit down to design to just have this stored information and to better understand the user(s). Also through this you could find areas of opportunity to design.

I find architecture and graphic design (information design, wayfinding, and editorial) to be stimulating and makes my mind turn. Also by seeing how other solutions to problems are solved it could trigger a thought to how you might do something to your respective project (footwear).

be well