Dear Core,

I’ve joined and left many many forums over the past few years. Mostly because the people there were inconsiderate idiots with nothing meaningful to say. Jumping on newbs with phrases like “READ THE FAQ DOU***NOZZLE” or “use the search dumbass, this was covered in a thread 4 years ago”

From what I’ve seen so far, people here seem to go out of their way to be helpful and to contribute. Hopefully I’ll be around here for longer than the videogame and car forums I used to frequent.

Thanks C77 for showing me that completely random strangers on the internet can still be civil people.

Thanks and welcome.

Noob. :wink:

Yeahm I only tell people to search when they obviously didn’t even look. As in, that week a thread came up about the exact same thing.

Spizzy: anyone smart enough to use dou***nozzle is welcome in my book.

It does seem that C77 boards are more open than others. I think it might because we are still so relatively small. We don’t even have one FAQ!

I think the moderators are doing a good job of “filtering” stuff also. I remember back in the day when this used to be the wild wild west! Back then, youngin’s would get eaten up alive and there were plenty of flame wars. It’s much better now.

“True!” to the above: these boards would be lost without the efforts of our moderators. If you see rkuchinsky, eco.iD, yo, ip_wirelessly, Timf, Mr-914, or any of the others, please tell them thanks and buy them a beverage.

I agree. I have learned SO much from these guys in my 3 years on this board. Thanks guys. I also agree that this is a small community which makes it great and allows us to learn from each other. I am a member of a Subaru forum and it is not nearly as interactive as Core.

So I will repeat the the original post, Thanks core!!!