DEA @ Cornell U.

Hi, I was wondering if anybody could help me with some information about the department of Design and Environmental analysis at the Cornell University. I am interested in the HER program with concentration in Applied Research in Human
Environment Relations.
I would like to know particularly about the mentioned aspects and any other information one would like to share -

  1. The department size and atmosphere.
  2. Important aspects of the admission procedure.
  3. Career opportunities after the course.
  4. Scope of R.A. or T.A. as its is an expensive institution.

Thanks in advance.

I was unimpressed with this program. The faculty do not get along, they lack leadership, and the quality of the students’ work is not very good. They have poor facilities, the material they teach is dated, and again look at the students’ work on their web page . . .unimpressive.

I sensed that the department rides on Cornell’s coat tails. Cornell is an amazing university, but not DEA is a weak department.

They just started a PhD program so I imagine there will not be any money for MS students.

If you are interested in design, research, and going to Cornell check out their HCI program in their Information Science program.