Simply out of curiousity, what kind of money do you think the design big-wigs are pulling? I’m talking about Starck, Newson, Rashid…you know, the ones we love to hate. What kind of salaries do you think they’re making??

a lot!

a lot for their bank accounts.

but not much for their souls.

p.s. marc newsons alright!

“Jonny Ives” pulls in £1 million accodring to this:,6903,1111276,00.html

If that’s true, it seems excessive considering that Jobs, not Ives is ultimately responsible for re-defining Apples design culture. (Jobs is even credited with designing the new iMac’s split form-factor.)

I suppose investors wouldn’t see it that way though, Design can appear to be like lightning in a bottle…

Yeah but only to a few investors, most often design is simply viewed as a necessary expense due to the lack of understanding what design actually can do.