DD vs CD

I’m a little confused between Design Director and Creative Director.
In both positions, the job description is almost same.
Does anyone have a clear idea about the difference between DD and CD?

Design Director would be a more relevant job title in today’s business enviroment. Creative Director has a negative connotation - creative is associated with “Art”. Design is not art - it is a problem solving process which is based on quantitative and qualitative research. A Design Director is assumed to have some kind of understanding of Product Development and overall Business Practices and is able to interface with other competencies such as marketing, sales, engineering and finance. Creative Directors simply direct “creative” staff.

Which one do you think would make you look better in the eyes of an organization?

That’s mean DD is also Creative job. As DD has to create, direct and manage the creative team besides client relations.
But in many job offers, they ask DD to be related to CD. What I don’t understand, is DD higer position than CD or vice versa?

Typically a Creative Director may be in charge over several Design Directors, who might have Design Managers that report to them, who manage designers… depending on how big your organization is.

NY seems to be caught up in the semantics of the actual words. IF a place has both of these positions (and most places are not big enough) you could guess that that the DD job would be more tactical, while the CD job would be more strategic… but corps use titles so loosely these days the only way to find out would be to ask.

I do agree with you YO. But I heard many designers saying that DD is more important than CD. It is still a confusing issue.

I am not caught up in semantics.

In every company I have worked for, DD is the the last step on the rung before you become VP of Design. CD’s are the ones managing GDs in the merchandising department and contribute nothing strategically to a particular company’s overal PD strategy.

OK, it is the opposite in my experience, which shows how un universal an meaningless the terms are, what matters is responsibility and money, tittles can be pretty worthless.

I found this page:


Now, can you make the difference between CD and DD?

I also checked many design firms websites, they have same titles and different descriptions.