hi guys,
what do you think of their wallets?

the prints an colors are a lil too much for my tastes. but I would use the “point”. the phoyography prints on them are nice, but just wish it would be different images.


Hey Mark,

what is your wallet?
looking for a replacement for my abused LV.
yep, i was led by the nose back then.

I had just a regular all black wallet, from I think marshals or t-j max…but got way to packed with shyt…an so was able to get most of it into a flip wallet that i saw someone have an found out j-crew sold them. its simple, an gets job done. wasnt too exspensive, i think $19



here’s a pic…

thanks for shooting and putting them up.

nah-just an ebay pic…



i like those wallets but you got to be funky to carry one of them around. they kind of remind me of the paul smith ones.

only problem with them i think is that when they start getting worn out the prints etc will fade or maybe even chip.