Day Rates - Still Used?

Are day rates still used for freelancers? Does this typically include travel expenses to and from the worksite? For example, I might have to commute 2hrs 120mi (irs rate = $69.) each way. Do I bill day rate plus or include in day rate total or take mileage on the chin being I am not a rockstar designer. What would be a good dayrate for someone with solid portfolio, skills, manufactruring knowlege, command of 3D software + 12+ years experience staff experience…$40 x 8 = $320+mileage = $460./day Thanks.

So hard to say because so much depends on the market you are in and your work, but my gut says it should be more. I mean like closer to double. As a comparison, just to say it because no one does, I go for north of $1.5k per day.