Day Rate when traveling abroad for freelance

Should you charge a client a day rate when traveling abroad for a freelance/contract project?

I do a $125 per hour rate X number of hours.
So that usually means about US$1K a day.

I charge the rate as soon as I leave the door to go to the airport.
I charge for travel time from hotel to client’s location and back.
The cost of the travel is reimbursed as an expense at cost.

Mpdesigner, does that mean you don’t charge a flat day rate, but only the hours actually worked (or traveled) that day? Is 125$ your regular hourly rate, or is it more than what you charge for non-travel work?
I just found this thread and am in the same position. I am a one-man design firm and have been working for a great client for about half a year now on a very complex electronics product. This involves close communication with the Asian manufacturer. Now we are planning for me to travel to Asia to work with the manufacturer for about a week including travel days.
I charge an hourly rate but thought that for the trip a day rate might be more appropriate?

Does anyone have more feedback on this?
Thanks in advance.

Jealous… and glad I left my job to pursue freelance work and opportunities like this. Let me know if you ever need an assistant in your travels! :wink: