Dave King Portfolio Review

Hey Guys!

I posted my portfolio here a few years ago now so thought it was time again to receive your most welcome crits!

I graduated from Northumbria University last year and have been working on folio since then. I’ve worked on a website that acts as more of a sampler of work with a link to my more detailed PDF portfolio. It would be great to hear any comments that you guys have so I can polish things up and brush away any missed cobwebs!

Heres the link to my website - davekingdesign.co.uk


Hey David,

I really liked your portfolio. Great work.

A couple thoughts that popped in my head as I was looking through it were:

-A bit wordy, I’d like to see more sketches (maybe this is something you can improve on)
-I’m a full bleed designer, so the white border doesn’t do it for me…in print full bleeds must have a border unless cut but use the full bleed to your advantage! (could just be a personal preference)
-I would shrink your CV down to one page…unless the UK views this differently!


Hey David,

I agree with everything pjbowers said. I’d like to see a little bit more sketching and process work. Maybe a few of the iterations that you didn’t go with and show us why you chose this design over the others. I’d also like to see a little bit more drama in your final renderings. Your thinking is usually pretty good, now let’s see some eye-catching visuals (it’s important to have the foundation down with your thought process behind each project before bringing in anything flashy, of course, but it seems like your thinking is pretty good.) You can reference billboards or magazine spreads of some of your favorite products/brands for inspiration.