Danny MacAskill Video - Unbelievable

You simply have to see it.

Wow, bike parkour!!! The only thing he’s missing is his ninja suit.

it was wonderful. His skill was unbelievable.
I wish to be like him

I saw this the day it came out. It’s absolutely incredible (and beautifully shot and edited…) Seriously the front flip off the wall in the beginning, and the skid on that pipe!!! Are you kidding me??

My 2 year old son is obsessed with it. We’ve watched it twice a day since it came out.

Drops another one today:

Some nice techincal stuff in that last one. Not as impressive as the first but always fun to watch. It makes me miss the days I used to ride street, except then I remember that I sucked and spent more time hurting myself then I did doing anything impressive haha.

It makes me miss the days I used to ride street, except then I remember that I sucked and spent more time hurting myself then I did doing anything impressive haha

You too?

The guys and I were heavyly into BMX at the time, just before we (and everybody) started to skate… Great times.
You could see must of the stuff MacAskill shows in the vid downtown at the time, where the pros posed in front of the tourists and made some nickels out of it. Nobody thought, that could be a “job”, then.

This is why I appreciate “way back home” so much, it puts the artistry of the biker into great perspective.
The settings are “killer” and the music is pure joy. Should smoke one right now…?

Man, my bones are feeling old.


P.S.: I’d really like to know more about his equipment. The brakes must be on spot and the frame of his bike
takes a rough beating with all those drops out of 2m hights. There should be some stress cracks at the joints, no?

Here’s what he’s running for frames:

Also looks like he’s got a few secret odds and ends:

As for rims, can’t get a close shot to see. I want to say he’s using hydraulic rim brakes on the rear wheel, but maybe not. Probably doesn’t need to and just blows through cables every “session”.

this guy has a ridiculous reverse manual…and i always get a kick out of the intro.

That’s funny to find this on here, a few months back we had about 6 people gatheres around somebody’s laptop in our studio watching these. I’d seen some trials stuff before, but some of that stuff is unreal.

I was really disappointed to see him carrying the bike and walking up the steps in the second vid. He set the bar to high, he’s not allowed to just walk his bike up any steps, ever again!

that reminds me of an old comic in Thrasher where a kids feet were cut off and he was glued to a skateboard…
“sorry danny, these pedals are your new feet”

This is what they have listed on that site for his bike:

Inspired Prototype frame

  • Inspired Prototype forks
  • Inspired Pivotal seat and post
  • Hope Headset
  • Shimano Saint front brake and cranks
  • Hope Pro2 hubs
  • Hope FR Stem
  • Pro Handlebars
  • Atom Lab rims

Rear brake looks like a hydraulic Vbrake.

I’m sure he goes through frames fairly often. Even most racers who aren’t putting their bikes through nearly that much abuse will ditch an aluminum frame after a season or less. Although on the other hand, a lot of those guys manage to be so smooth that they don’t put nearly as much stress on a bike as you’d think.

I remember how hard it was just to jump onto the seat of a park bench, let alone magically just hop over the whole damn thing.

That’s pretty awesome, you don’t see a lot of guys riding street with a freecoaster. More importantly, he must have to keep that thing dialed 24/7 to not have the pedals accidentally catch and send him to the ER.

More from Macaskill…

My (newly added) goal is to design the way he rides.

With an incredible amount of skill using the tools he knows best, and setting up and practicing everything 100 times before getting the perfect session?

Seems like a good method to me.

I still ride as much as I can but mostly end up cruising through the city. A friend hit me up about some trails he has going and I’m trying to get back into that, but it’s tough to relax and get loose enough to flow through. I just recently put a front peg on to learn hang fives which is pretty new and exciting since I never do tricks anymore. It will be tough for me to let go of BMX whenever that time comes, but for now I’m still lurking on the BOARD and getting salty with all the rest of the midschool guys. Stop by and say what’s up!

Oh and I did love this video and would like to try that style of riding.

Nice piece on shooting the film.