Daniel Simon Book

I just got Cosmic Motors by Daniel Simon and it’s a great book.



Looks Sweet!

Just curious - I notice some of the thumbnail images on the linked page look like work already posted on his portfolio site. How much of the work in the book is new?

There are some of the things on his site that are in the book like a few sketches but the book goes much more in depth with more concept art and full renders. There are also some new vehicles that don’t appear on his site at all.

The imagery and detail is incredible. There is also some good text that accompanies the photos and the sketches.

I would rate this book an A+. If your a fan of his work, you’ll love it!


One more question…
I’m also thinking about buying a copy for my nephew (10) for Xmas. He likes to draw spaceships, cars, etc.
Is there any nudity? I don’t think that would go over very well with his parents! Just checking.

There are girls no doubt but no nudity that I saw.

The poses are somewhat revealing but I know when I was 10, I would have loved to have had this book!


looks very cool…

i am from India i have been trying to get that book thorough my boss who is traveling to America ( san jose ) and he has had no luck finding it , any idea where he could get it from? thanks…

Check out more details @ aliasdesign.autodesk.com
Autodesk Community | Community Resources | Industry Communities

http://area.autodesk.com/index.php/stories_bts/bts_detail/daniel_simons_cosmic_motors/ :open_mouth:

I just received my copy a couple of days ago, really nice stuff, highly recommended! I don’t normally buy eye candy/inspiration books, in fact this is probably the first in over 5 years because I’m picky but I would definitely put this one in the required list for presentation bookmark standards.

Scott’s headquarters in near Los Angeles. I would suggest emailing them for there phone number and get your boss to call them and find out where to buy it.

Good Luck!


Design Studio Press
8577 Higuera Street
Culver City, CA 90232 USA

thanks! will do that …

finally managed to get the book last week… … and it is really good! though would have liked to see more conceptual vehicles…