Daney Chhang's Design Portfolio

Its been a while since I’ve had time to be on forums. Well I just graduated and I am done with my internship and now I am looking for a full time job. A little reintroduction to who I am. My name is Daney Chhang and I am an Interior Automotive designer, Product designer, 3d modeler, VR Specialist and future Mars candidate (just kidding but I can dream!). I graduated from Art Center College of Design with a bachelors degree of applied science. I have interned at Audi, Fiat Chrysler Automobile and Faraday Future. I will be interning at Kiska this winter but I am looking for a job now. Any feedback on my work is welcomed. I am always looking to improve my work!

My portfolio can be seen at Behance. I have also attached some work to this post. Please follow me on Instagram for daily design doodles and pictures of cars. https://www.instagram.com/chhangster/

This is my thesis project, Future Farm. I am trying to envision what farm life would be like with a host of new tech that can be developed for use on a future farm scenario. Technology like autonomous trucks, autonomous tractors, and drones. Right now I am in the process of developing the User Interface for this project. The question I am trying to answer is, how can I tie in all of these new technologies with the right UX/UI design.

here are some random sketches that I did for fun.

some beautiful work Daney. I really enjoy your style

Just beautiful. I have always wished this was a level within my skills sets i could have…

Thanks Micheal! I did not realize that you are the infamous Core77 “YO”. lol I’ve been on these forums for years! If I would have known I would have caught up with you at the sketchoff battle. BTW thanks for the headphons! :open_mouth:

Thank you for the kind words! It just takes practice!

This is prolific work, I enjoy some of your ideas on car design here.
If I were you I would focus on improving your surfacing skills to A-class automotive level so you can be a lead car designer throughout the entire product development process.

Thank You! A-class is just a matter of time. You have to divide your time up between modelling and design.

One suggestion, if you are going all in on automotive, I suggest having a few pages exploring lighting. Right now the lighting in your concepts are all kind of render placeholders. Explore the details. Lighting is so important in automotive right now. I’d also do a page or two of starring wheels or some interior input type feature like the center stack.

Thanks for the feedback. When you say lighting do you mean the lighting of forms or lighting is in lights that placed within the vehicle?

The actual lights.

here are some examples:


This is some really attractive work. I love how it’s presented, great stuff!