Dance Rail, ID master project

Hi all
I want to show this project that I did with 2 (Dutch) fellow students in collaboration with the Cognitive science faculty of the University of California San Diego (UCSD). The students and professor (David Kirsch) from UCSD were investigating the process behind creating choreography of a modern dance. How dancers translate their intentions are into bodily motions and how their bodies give feed back on their creative process. The dance group that was followed and observed was Wayne McGregors’s Random dance group. Although the research is still continuing we were asked to make an interactive installation to be presented at the modern dance venue Dyad 1909 in Saddlers Wells London. As said the research is still going on and plans for the next group of students to be sent to San Diego are already drawn. Feedback, tips, advice, expertise is much appreciated.

underneath are the links to some youtube movies

demo Lightrail "Demo" (HQ) - YouTube
making of Lightrail "Making Of" (HQ) - YouTube
revealed in London Dancerail 1.1 SW (all).m4v - YouTube