damn right

At 6 yrs experience if you are not making NYdesign guys figures you are grosely underpaid or not that skilled.


…wow… take a look in the mirror. …Just do yourself a favor and get paid what your worth. Don’t worry about me.

why don’t you two take your little spat off the form, if you have both forgotten, this is a design form, not a lovers spat form… deal with each other off this form

DEEZ, you seem to put others down because other’s success theaten you. If youare unhappy with your situation change it, don’t make judgments of other’s just to make you feel better about yourself. You are in a visious cycle only way out is to admitt your problems and get help from others. :wink:

Form-Z is for suckers. Why don’t all of you spend your time doing something constructive instead of pushing each other down with an impersonal blog.

I mean, am I the only one who wants to see all three of these guys duke it out in a Battle Royale? C’mon! Who’s with me? FIGHT!!!


Was it the skills or money that tweaked you so hard?

Anyway… doesn’t matter - You are a clown and no one respects you.

You bring nothing to the forum so leave until you gather some knowledge.

BTW I’d punch your sternum into your spine.

Thats what I’m talking about!

That’s what I’m talking aboutz!

Shit, I put a z there. My cover is blown.