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the design academy eindhoven is in a list of “leading design people/organizations” in Time mag. I recall a few years back that the school is listed in Icon’s “most influential” design list.

i’m worried if this is just hype? is there a rational on how these lists are compiled? Happy to hear opinions.

i will be studying at DAE this coming september.
nope, didnt enroll because of the nice little articles on this school. :slight_smile:

eye candy sells magazines, period. don’t sweat the list

i do not know if it’s my idea byt from no other school have i ever seen this similarity in projects amongst its students and profs (droog design in fact). i can not see the personality of each student, the diversity of expression… everything to me is done as if it has to fit the design id of droog…

what do you think?

erm… yes agree. i’m more worried that all these publicity will make the school into some sort of circus. :laughing:

yes there is a certain kind of style during their grad shows. a lot of crafts, concepts, whimsical.
but i guess thats wat students enrolling into DAE look for. that droog philosophy/craft based work. i think the school sees technology and industrial design in a less-convention way.


I just discovered the DAE. where have i been.it sounds like a really attractive situation. anyone know how many students go there any given year?

im not clear about the tuition though, it says
“2.150 for non EU citizens”

is that it for the whole year?!

i don’t suppose they have any sort of school loan or financial aid system do they…

otherwise… that school sounds like a really great one.

after researching so many schools, im thinking that each have their pitfalls. all i really care now is

  1. is the school at least known / recognizable
  2. are resources good

everything else is really what you make of it… i live near art center and just talking to art center heads and visiting their campus i def get a sense of the high brow.

i mean their application requires students to already know sketching and rendering for a BA. i thought thats what a BA was suppose to teach…

anyways, DAE looks pretty nice…


I went to check out Eindhoven and stop into DAE for a day a couple weeks ago. The facilities seem great; the workshop is large and was buzzing with students. There was an awesome textile studio that had looms and sewing machines, and a smaller silkscreening studio. The school is on 6 floors (I think) each dedicated to a certain department -ie Atelier, Forum, etc. There were classes in session when I was there and they were rather small (15-20) sitting in a circle with the instructor walking around. The approach seemed very open and free, much like the environment.

The European approach to university education seems a lot less structured than their North American counterparts. DAE seems a lot less bureaucratic and rigid than the Canadian schools I researched (I’m Canadian) and I think that is something that will definitely be beneficial when learning in a creative environment.

I think there are a total of around 700 undergrad students, so about 175 per year. (20% are international students). The city itself is cute…but very small. The awesome thing is its proximity to bigger awesomer places :slight_smile:

Hey I know this not may be the place to ask but I am concidering studying at DAE but also KABK (interior architecture and furniture design). I do understand these two bachelors entail different things but I was wonderibg whether you could suggest which one I should concider “more” in terms of what opportunities I have when finishing each course/ which one gives bigger possibility to get a job after?

@Amalia what kind of design job do you want after school? I think it is good to begin with what the end goal is. I don’t know much about DAE other than their reputation was great in the 90s and 2000s. KABK I haven’t heard of on these forums before, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great school.

Think about what kind of design job you want when you get out of school and where geographically you want to work. Schools always have better networks in their geographical location. I also recommend researching where their alumni have gone on to work.

Thank you for replying!
That’s the thing. I do not yet know and am very much open to exploring the options but I would love to at least make sure that after finishing school I will have certain amount of knowledge and somewhat of an open door to actually getting employed . I am mentioning having knowledge because I’ve heard that DAE is not as much theory based and - of course - I understand that if you actually want to do something, you will find your way to learn it, but at the same time, isn’t school the place to do that?
I’ve been thinking primarily about studying at DAE, but that’s something i’m starting to be a little worried about.

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Have you had a chance to visit the school?

For me that made all the difference. I was actually set on a different school but then visiting them both changed my mind.