Dad Projects

It’s been 13 years since I attempted a piece of furniture, but finally did something for the babies room and was happy how it turned out so I thought I’d share.

We bought him a nice bedroom set, but wanted an extra low book shelf that would fit under his window and double as an end table. It’s an awkward size for a real piece of furniture (more of a console table) so I decided to DIY.

The existing dresser he has has a nice dark gray leg design that I decided to copy so it would all hang together:

In progress:

Built everything out of pine since I wasn’t sure how bad I’d ruin it and knew it was mostly getting painted, but wished I had gotten a nicer wood for the legs to match. Used pocket holes with plugs for most of the joinery so that nothing was left visible.


I was pretty happy how it turned out, made a couple mistakes (like shooting a nail into one of the hidden pocket screws and having it shoot out the side panel) but glad it was an excuse to buy $1000 worth of tools for a $80 bookshelf. :wink:

Quick, clean, useful and good looking. Beauty.
DIY. Beauty.
New tools. Beauty.
All good. Congrats. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to the follow up picture in 20 years, when Luke has fully developed its patina.

Makes perfect sense and looks nice. I’ve been modifying ikea bookcases for my kids rooms.

Nice! Wish I’d built more of my kids furniture. Love the ASL block, by the way! Now I’m inspired to make something for my kids…

Not sure you saw in the older hearing aid post a while back, but in addition to me now wearing a hearing aid my son was born with a mild bi-lateral hearing loss as well. Interesting how things come around!

My next project which will probably have to wait until spring is thinking about doing a murphy bed for my wife’s “makeup” room.

Well done. I bet that earned some husband points as well as dad points :slight_smile: