Hello I’m looking at DAAP in Cincinatti and I was hoping for some feedback about its product design program
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Hey Lueggoo,

I’m a third year ID student at UC. I couldn’t be happier with my choice and absolutely love the program. I realize, however, that UC is a respected school for the COOP program, and for that alone. The actual teaching pales in comparison to school such as Art Center or CSS at times, but since you spend half of time out in the field I believe it evens out. DAAP is also much more manufacturing based as opposed to theory based, so prepare to really immerse your self in the less glamorous side of design (materials, manufacturing processes, etc).

Also keep in mind that in-state tuition for DAAP is probably 1/4th or 1/3rd of what you’ll pay at art center or the like.

Cheers and good luck!

thanks for the reply! I was wondering, two things:
1- Have you done any internship?
2-I as interested in the school’s anthropology and archeology classes have you taken any?

Thank you again


I’m a fourth year at DAAP, I think stefanussen is pretty much spot on - UC is a really practical, career based school.

The internships are nice - right now we’re required to do at least 5 quarter long internships before you graduate, preferably 6. I’ve gone to K-Swiss, Fisher-Price, and Adidas. The bummer is that they’re switching from quarters to semesters, which is going to completely screw everything up. I don’t know what’s going to happen in the next few years…

As far as anthropology and archeology, UC doesn’t really have the best academic classes. They’re fine, usually, but not amazing. I haven’t taken either of those classes (not 100% sure there even is an archeology class, maybe), but a friend of mine took anthropology and really enjoyed it. Still, I think she would have enjoyed it anywhere, you know?

Hope that helps.

hey I have a question as well-
how high are the freshmen’s art skills? like are they amazing artists already? or have many never even taken a drawing class?

It’s funny that you ask about the freshman art skills. When I started at DAAP I couldn’t draw at all (and I mean AT ALL). I spent the first year working my ass off, and learned how to draw really well.

It seemed as if those with an art or drawing background actually suffered, because they were stuck in their ways and a little less motivated to learn.

In response to the third post, I am currently on my second internship at Whirlpool and loving it.

I wanted to answer some DAAP question that were posed. My daughter is in third y ear there ;thus, you are getting feedback from a parent and from what my daughter told me.

  1. freshmen foundation: This was VERY good. It is also extremely intensive,which required a lot of work into the late hours. You will definitely learn to draw well if you have the minimum talent necessary. Unlike other schools,however, you will get some skills in digital design and other areas such as graphics, industrial design projects etc. Thus, you get a great art/design foundation plus some broad based exposure to the other design majors,which is not usually found in foundation programs at other schools such as CMU.

  2. Classes: Some folks on this forum have said that the classes, especially the non-DAAP classes are not as good as other schools such as Art Center etc. Frankly, they have no way to compare this ;thus, you have to take their statements with a grain of salt. My daughter took some courses outside of DAAP in literature and programming and thought that they were fine! I would bet that all schools have good and not as good professors and the teaching from school to school evens out. In fact, being on a quarter system allows for more variety of courses.

  3. Foundation: Here is where UC really stands out. They have some amazing internships and connections. They were the first in the US to start the coop program . My daughter is majoring in Digital Design. Her paid internship was to design web sites for movie studios! She helped design the site for “Nick and Nora” and for “Batman.” How cool was that!

However, please note, I don’t know what the effect of the sinking world wide economy will have on coops. It might provide less opportunities or less paid opportunities. Right now most coops are paid. I don’t know if this will change.

  1. Facitlities: I have seen a lot of facilities at many schools such as CMU, RIT, Syracuse, Art Center etc. I can tell you that I believe that Cincinnati has the best of them all. The DAAP building is amazinglly designed. It is chuck full of computers and equipment. As amazing as DAAP is, the non-DAAP facilities may even be better. They have an amazing GYM at Cincinnati that is full of the latest and greatest equipment. They have two pools,one of which even has a "current’ where students can swim faster. Alternatively they can swim against the current for more exercise.

They have numerous restaurant choices and numerous choices for dorms and apartments after the freshmen year. Freshmen dorms, however, are rather old and crowded,but that is normally expected for freshmen dorms.

Since UC has an amazing school fo music and drama, there are numerous performances going on all the time that adds a great deal of vibrancy to the school.

Hope this helps.