DAAP sketch journey

hey guys!
I’ve been inspired by some of the other student threads here and decided to start my own. I am currently a second semester freshman in DAAP and I am absolutely loving the program here. I’ve never really took art classes in high school but I did take a few design classes that were more based in design thinking than execution. I love transportation design but I also enjoy electronics and kitchenware so it will be interesting to see where this design journey takes me. Any type of feedback or help would be much appreciated! thanks :slight_smile:

For not taking any art classes in high school it looks like you are off to a solid start. You are doing the right thing by sketching a lot. A lot of promise here. Keep up the high frequency of sketching, posting, seeking feedback, repeat and you will do great.

here is a project we’ve been working on for the past few weeks in our design visualization class. I’ve been working really hard on my ellipses but I know some are still a bit off.

we’ve also been working with colored canson which I am pretty inept at but its been a nice change to try a new material

Hey hasol,

Welcome to the boards!

You’re off to a good start, one thing that I noticed is that your line weight is a bit weak in your sketches. Remember that marker eats up your pencil values. My rule of work flow with pencil and marker is to draw lightly, add some lineweight, apply marker, and then apply final lineweight to clean up. If necessary you can add pencil shading over the marker, but I wouldn’t try to add any more marker after pencil shading as it will make your sketch look a bit foggy. Try it and see how you like it!

I did a quick sketch over one of yours to show what I would have done after applying marker to help define your product better. On part lines I add a dark line for the gap of a part line and a secondary line to define the material thickness of that surface. Also, remember that almost no products have a perfectly sharp edge, there is always some sort of material thickness and radius, the more you can indicate these thickness and radiuses the better!

I hope that helps,


yo, thank you for the encouragement :slight_smile:

apowers, thanks for your extensive response! Honestly, I didn’t even think of using line weight because I was so focused on the marker but from your sketch, I can see what a huge difference it makes! I’m still struggling with knowing what line weight at add where but your example and explanation definitely helped!

Looks promising so far, keep up the sketching!

i was playing around with line weight on my thumbnails for my most recent project… they still look pretty light to me because i’m very light handed when using pencil but i think i’m starting to understand it a bit more. btw sorry for the poor scan quality… the nice scanners in the library were closed today

One way to experiment. With this is to tell yourself for one day you are going to push the line weight too far. On each sketch you do that day go way beyond what you think you should with very heavy line weights. Do that and then evaluate the difference and see if you can calibrate a good spot in between too far and not enough.

sorry I haven’t been posting more! We’ve had lots of projects due recently but the semesters winding down so I’ll be able to post more.

thanks for the feedback, yo! I’ve been trying to push my line weight more and I realized when I think I’ve overdone it, thats when my line weight is working best so I’m trying to keep that in mind. Here’s a drawing I really worked with line weight on and I think I could probably push it even more.

here are a few other drawings I’ve done over the past few weeks

we’ve also been working with photoshop which has been pretty difficult and I still haven’t wrapped my mind around. here’s a perfume bottle I tried to render.

When using Photoshop it’s easy to get “lost” in all of the tools. Quick rule of thumb - get out as fast as you get in!

Damn Carl, nice glass rendering!

Hasol, very nice improvement. Definitely push the line work further. Try to waaaay over do it. Let’s see what that looks like.

hey guys! its been a long time since i’ve posted! now i’m back in the swing of school and i’ve been trying to sketch lots. i’ve been really working on line weight and using ballpoint pen. here are a few of my latest drawings