sure you guys have seen this stuff (it made its way around the design blogs a year or so ago).

anyone here have any luck contacting/working with their development team?

I’ve recently contacted them on behalf of a client for a new project and was surprised how difficult they made it to get any additional product info/samples. I can understand if they have 100’s of students looking for free samples, but my experience dealing with them has been beyond normal.

first off, after submitting an inquiry they ask for all kinds of information about the brand/company- not just and overview for the application, but total sales revenue, market position, distribution, sales, endorsement, etc.

after submiting the required info, and after a few back and forth emails got the reply that “dont work with consultants” (when in fact many consultants, including myself are the decision makers for suppliers and materials specs), and only want to work with select companies, a small number of customers, etc. etc…

i cant describe my project as it is ongoing, but it certainly does fit their performance niche, and scope of application and even had considering using the material as a feature USP instead of just a value added material.

i would have expected a better understanding esp. from a relatively new company. in the end i didnt end up with any additional info, or samples, and would surely think twice about selecting the material for any future project. I’ve had better luck with some of the major multinational material suppliers.

anyone else had a similar experience with d3o or others?


never heard of it
but this is exciting…i wonder how it performs…
its obviously very versatile and could be used in numerous applications

I (at my old company) was able to get some samples. It did take a bunch of NDA back and forth and us telling them who our client was, but they ended up sending some stuff. It wasn’t feasible so we never got to pricing details though.

Pretty neat stuff.

I had tried years ago to get some stuff for my bike company, didn’t even get a return email. From the experience I had it sounds like unless you’re the head of design at Nike they couldn’t give a damn.

Ask yo, I bet he can get some. :wink:

ha, ya, i bet he could. doesnt seem like a good way to do business, tho, thinking potential customers arent good enough for ya. either that or they really are swamped and over their heads…


The skate company I’m working for used them a few years back. Don’t think we had any issues dealing with them cos I remembered we ended up with a few d3o tech stuff

I think I still have some of their tech info somewhere. I’ll post some up when I get the time


Yea, I had similar issues. I guess they’ve got enough business, cause I could get them to answer any emails or phone calls. After a few tries, I just moved on. If a company is that hard to get a hold of I don’t even want to think of the communication problems you’d have later on.

Is this the same stuff as they japanese show they throw an egg of the roof?

I have used this stuff before although the company is hard to deal with + in a heavy Puma contract. They are based in the UK and the head guy is Richard Palmer. If anyone needs direct contact I can pass it on to you

that is just regular Asics gel

I had a mate who got to the finals of there competition he found them pretty helpful. The material itself is like sister of silly putty…but doesn’t drip

Yes, I have had the same ordeal trying to get a hold of samples and information. It only has been about 4 days since I emailed them but, for d30 trying to sell a new product they sure are being arrogant.

Hello everyone,

I’m sorry to hear that some of you have had bad experiences with d3o, this is the last thing we want to happen and we really do appreciate all of your ideas and possible business opportunities . The fact is that d3o was built from the bottom up, from completely nothing, in 2003 d3o was a few people in the room with an amazing material, and now whilst we have a whole host of products coming out, a huge amount of press and interest (thanks!) and a really bright future. …inevitably with that kind of development there have been some growing pains, and we have struggled to keep up with the amount of request for d3o from all sorts of places, and make commercial decisions that mean the company will survive. We also have some pretty strict controls in place from our investors. We have learnt that we have to take a focused approach to building the business rather than the scatter gun of trying to do everythi ng. As a result the way we work now is to put all our marketing, product design & development energy into building specific markets, and deliberately excluding some because we aren’t ready for them, so if some of your enquiries have come from markets we aren’t currently working in we may have said that we can’t work together right now (but stay with us, we’ll get there).

We are working really hard to build a strong future for d3o by working with key partners making top quality functional products, which is why we ask you to tell us a bit about your brand, (which may well be very well established in your market or territory, but we don’t know it because we haven’t explored that area yet). Also we do have some exclusivities here and there as a result of our partnerships, so we need to know what product(s) you are thinking of using d3o in and where they would be sold to see if there are any conflicts before we begin a development, which is why we ask you to help us out with this info.

Working with design agencies has got complicated in the past and we are currently working on an agreement we can use which enables this to happen. One of the key challenges we encounter regularly is that designers are in a confidentiality agreement not to disclose who they are working for and this then really put’s a spanner in the works!! Quite often we may already have interest and conversations with the same company, but without legal gymnastics we can’t share the information. d3o is principally made up of (and lead by) designers so we understand your interest and frustration completely. As we are working hard on building a brand for d3o, we need to have a relationship with the brand that will be marketing the product, so we can ensure the communication of d3o happens and the product is a commercial success.

We also need to make sure the product uses d3o in such a way that will be functionally beneficial to the user (a bit like how Gore-tex tests the products that use it for waterproof-ness) - so we would need to sign this off before it was shown to the designer’s / agency’s client, which again can get complicated.

What would really help would be to understand how you think it would be best to work with independent designers in view of the above points, would you have time to share a call with our team at the d3o studio and perhaps we can help each other??