D.A.E admission

hello… i’m new here

first of all i don’t really know whether to put this Q here or in portfolio section…

i’m a fresh graduate (from highschool) and i’m planning to go to nl to DAE,
Crying or Very sad there’s a long story why i didn’t apply in advance… T_T;; well , the short one is that they send the application form too late(they closed at febuary, but the form was arrived here almost march).

so i decided to take a year to study more of the ID basics, i’m a beginner in ID, my basic background is graphic design ( photoshop, illustrator, indesign works fine for me…). since i was a kid i always have a passion for design, also for products and industrial (but for these 2 i didn’t have a clue how to learn them)

i want to ask how advance my portfolio should be in order to be accepted there.
my ID sketches are quite poor, they are not loose, but just simple line (like illustration.
and i’m having a hard time learning 3D software( i have deskartes and alias studio tool)

advices please T_T;;

i also wonder which is better for ID, MAC or PC?

hope this helps. i sent my protfolio for last year’s admission. postponed my study year to this year.

i believe the school will like to see more of your ideas, your thought process etc. i remmeber they mentioned it in the aplication form.

i did a product design diploma a few yrs back, so i’m lucky to have a few designs to show without doing anything :wink:. i present it as a flow from research, to sketches to final design. did this for 2 products. on top of that, i showed some freelancing illustration works (and to show i have other interests too) All in about 10 pages.
the portfolio is a handmade one. i thread the papers together. everthing has a handmade feel and words handwritten.

i know a few guys who gets in by showing fine arts work and photography. its how you present yourself.

the school’s early portfolio deadline for international students is to facilitate for the slow dutch visa process for non-euro citizens. good luck.

can you send me a few of your sample pages? do you still have them?

10 pages of what size?
in the portofolio requirement, it’s said that it must be samller than A2 and must be thin… i tought i have to make some presentation board or something

thank you very veryy much

and how was the interview… what was it like?
did you bring some model of your product?


i am currently studying in england, gonna be in 2nd year but then i m very much interested to switch school. i want to know more about DA as in how are their design training for students. are they good? and what is the requirement for dutch proficiency? like lets say i have no basic understanding of dutch, how long do i need to study the language or perhaps can i do it along with school? and what kind of projects student do and what kind of portfolio they are looking for? thank u!