Cycle Karts

These have been around for ten years or so, but I just found then the other day… Cycle Karts. A modern twist on the original 1910-20s era cycle cars. This should probably go into the Projects forum, but since I’m not building one (yet) it isn’t technically a project. So this seemed like a better place.

Air-cooled, 6hp Honda GSX industrial engines. 17" Honda motorcycle wheels. Live axle. One brake. 1"x3" steel tube frame with plywood body. After that, it’s no plans and your imagination…





I love how none of these guys wear a helmet. Rear brake only, open top, narrow plywood car…what could go wrong?

Very cool, I’ve been following this guy’s blog on his cycle kart construction for the last couple of months

I’ve been toying around with the idea of building one, sketching ideas out from time to time, but so far I haven’t found any detailed plans or walk-through on the drive-train construction which is the part that I’d been the least comfortable hacking together.

Would love to see this turn into a project Lmo!

Very nice! What is the estimated budget for building one?

According to the “guidelines”, about $1750US (2001).

Of course, depending upon personal skills and resources, results may vary. :wink: