CV advice


Sorry if this has been posted before, but I would appreciate if you could give some tips and advice on CV writing for design students.


Howdy -

I saw that no one had posted on this so I thought I´d offer what little advice I can. I´m 2 years out of school just about, and am aware it is hard when you´re a student and you don´t have much experience!

Assuming you´re applying for internships (which is absolutely a step in the right direction in my opinion) you should just put in as much relevant experience as possible - competitions entered, , any involvement with design events, extra curricular stuff is always good.

My format goes like this (again, take what you want from this, I sucessfully got an internship and my first job with this, but now I´m job hunting and it has yet to work for a third time yet…)

Experience (if you have ANYTHING put it in…)

If you care to have a look at mine feel free to PM me your address and I´ll send it over. Unfortunately I can´t post it here, only image files allowed ( no pdf´s).