Cuts+More What's the Verdict?

I was impressed by the Fiskars Cuts+more scissors featured in the Core77 video review last december, in fact I was thinking of getting one myself for using around the studio on models and other tasks. I went to the Fiskars website to locate a store and the closest store that carries them is 26 miles away. So then I go to Amazon and all of the reviews save one are 1 and 2 stars. Most of them cite the “power notch” as being horribly designed. Do any of you have a pair? Would you recommend getting one? is there some fatal flaw that the designers overlooked or is Amazon just being grumpy?

Haha… wow those are some really brutal reviews.
Maybe we were all just suckered in by some really good marketing? Or just the novelty of the thing.

Word of mouth is just that. However with only one 5 star rating I’d say it very well could be a bad product.
If you think it’s worth the risk of having to return them then take it and test for yourself… with those reviews I’d probably hold off until I could get my hands on a pair and play with them first.

I saw these on Core too and somehow ended up with a pair in my stocking during Christmas. I really like Fiskars as a brand and most of their products as well. These are great as scissors, but the other “added features” don’t really sing. I used the wire cutter once, which was fine, but I had to remind myself to try that out instead of grabbing the Leatherman in the drawer next to it. I haven’t tried the sharpener yet. The Box tape cutter is kind of a joke. It looks and feels like a thorn on a rose stem. Using the knife portion by itself is awkward to hold and I haven’t taken it apart since. It’s also pretty difficult to get into the sheath. The bottle opener? Please, that’s what teeth are for.

If you need scissors, I’d go for a simple Fiskars pair. If you need actual tool functionality, there’s better stuff out there.

Your dentist must love you, wonder if he named his newest sports car after you in tribute. ; )

Going to have to agree with the general sentiment- the diagram on the fiskars page looks like someone went crazy dreaming of leathermans with scissors, but didn’t bother making sure it was fully functional.