Cutaway illustrations

I just stumbled upon this site on Digg (for once the Design section is not webdesign related), some really hot illustrations there. Esp check Automotive and Technical sections.

BTW, The NPCA posters (in infographics cat.) are available in hi-res at, will def be printing those for homeoffice decoration.

Awesome, saved so many of those drawings to my inspiration folder.

wow great pics! cheers for the link i’ll be downloading them for reference.

(does everyone have a ‘inspiration folder’)

engio: thanks for sharing…

The rock arch is sadly ironic as it has fallen down.

thanks for sharing, I saved a few as well, if you dig those and you haven’t already checked out Kevin Hulsey, you NEED to !

He’s got some tutorials on there too.

And Yuki Miyamoto is INSANE with Illustrator

Nice, thanks for posting…

Opposite end of the scale here, i find equal awe with these physical examples.

Sweet, I remember in school one of the ME dyno labs where we were working on an FSAE car had a Wenkel engine like that, it was pretty cool.