customised soccer footwear production images

I stumbled upon this link for the production process of Totti’s soccer boots. (for Germany 06) Thought that these may be of interest to any footwear students out there.

Yo- have i put this link in correctly…apologies if not

Why do they have models of his legs?
I have never seen anything like that before.
Do you think this helps them determine the anatomically correct position to attach the outsole? To match his posture?
Interesting. Good find.

the leg models are for his shinguards–he uses custom fitted carbon fiber plates.




I sent these pics to my sample room in China, asking them what they thought about the wooden legs. I’m sure they’ll be laughing about my theory!

Oh, hey look! Theres my hand. right in front of my face!


If anyone knows more about the manufacture from Diadora it would good to find out how customised from stock they have gone. Especially if they undertook any biomechanical evaluation of Totti. From the images it seems that the last was just adapted from stock which always bugs me. (take a 2D carbon print of load or just draw around the foot with an upright pen/pencil) Does anyone know if they make orthotic devices for him that are compensated in the upper for the room allowance. I also doubt they would cut a bespoke mould, however it woudl be great to know if they did.

*Now I know why Totti was so amazing this World Cup - it was the custom shoes!

… its gotta be the…

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Nice find bespoke.