Customisable fit

Hi everyone,

Im a final yr ID student and due to a growing interest in shoe design, thanks largely to this forum, I want to design a shoe for my major project as I feel footwear may be where I want to end up.

I am interested in the concept of customisable fit to allow an individual to get the perfect fit for their feet. Ive seen Timberland’s PreciseFit and I’d really like to hear from anyone who has any experiance with these and how successful they are.
Also I’d really like to hear your experiances with how shoes fit you and any thoughts for areas to investigate in this area.

heres a link for the timberland shoes

Thanks for your help

i’ve recently done a project which focused on similar customization.

the shoe used a custom fit sockliner that you would put in the oven at 100C for 2minutes then back into the boot for a custom fit. also used a unique lacing system with multiple eyelets to allow user customization.

from the feedback we got from pro players/users the system worked very well.

what kind of shoe are you working on? (ie. what category?)

im not that familiar with the timberland system you link to, but in quick review of the site, looks like just a simple sockliner system of different thickness that i would guess doesnt really provide a custom fit, but more of a variation of internal volume to fit in between sizes.


That football boot is beautiful! the sockliner is very interesting, ive seen moldable foot beds in snowboard boots and they make the boot alot more comfortable.

Thanks for your comment on the Timberland system, thats pretty much what I thought when I looked at it. Im interested in being able to customise the fit of shoes, I had a summer job in a sports shop and so many people had difficulty finding a good fit with wide or narrow feet, different sized left and right feet etc. etc.

The shoe Im working on is a casual shoe that you would wear all day every day. I want to specifically investigate foot comfort, keeping the foot cool and dry, enabling good circulation and preventing tired/sore feet at the end of a long day. Im planning on visiting a chiropodist next week to find out more about these issues.

Thanks again for your help and comments :slight_smile: