Custom slatwall shoe shelves?

Hi All,

Looking for a potential supplier for a limited QTY of custom slatwall shoe shelves. Material/design TBD (could be plastic, or metal, or?) qty around 200pcs.

If anyone can recommend a supplier, it would be greatly appreciated.



Any metal work shop with a brake should be able to bend some for you with the right specs. You may not be able to have the logo stamped, but it will still hold a shoe. I worked in a small CNC shop and they would do random projects like this all the time to keep everyone busy.

I’m looking for a real supplier, not just someone that can make one. Might be thermoformed, screenprinted, CNC’d etc. They should know these items specifically.


joyride is right. At a Qty of 200, your best bet might be a small custom shop with a variety of capabilities; sheetmetal, plastic forming, printing, painting, etc. Stamping will cost the most, but laser cut, brake formed galvanized steel wouldn’t be tough. Neither would heat formed acrylic with a printed logo.

That said, you could check these guys out. They do nice work.

Not knowing exactly what you are planning in terms of design, I wonder if it wouldn’t make more sense to source and customize rather than start from scratch? So much slat wall out there, I would imagine something would get you very close to what you want and at that volume, it might make sense to go that route.