Custom Book Methods Help

Kind of an odd subject line…

I’m working on a project with another employee. We’ve been tasked with creating a one off book (we might create two, one for a sample) - 2 color. The idea was to run the paper we selected through a laser printer, but that isn’t working out. The paper we’d like to use is not laser compatible - too heavy of a stock (120 lb) - however the stock needs to be heavy, as photos are being mounted on the page (instead of printing them on).

In the trial runs, the vendors I contacted cannot run them through their Canon’s (or our Xerox 7700). The paper stock they carry (or xpedx) is not as nice as the paper I found at Hollanders.

So, short of printing on polyester plates ($$$), is there any process I’m missing? The total page count is around 20~30 pages.

The book is going to be bound with brass posts, so it can be printed in pages divisible by 2. One idea is to use laser compatible heat transfers (iron on to the paper stock), but I’m not too sure if that will look good. Silkscreening is an option, but probably no cheaper than going to a short run press.

Worst case scenario we go with a laser compatible stock, but the options there we think are limited by the weight we require.