Current Styling Trends, What do you think?

Hi everybody!

I thought it could be interesting to have a general discussion of the current styling trends whatever the design field. I’d love to ear what everyone from diverse fields have to say on the subject. Showing examples would be nice.

Whether you are from transportation, houseware, softgoods or electronics let’s get the ball rolling !

I’ll throw the first one. Vintage seems to be everywhere whether it’s furniture, consumer products or jewelry.

Polygonal Design

Surface Textures, especially in consumer electronics

hey, we made the board! Honored. We keep a couple of running pin up boards in the studio and tons of secret boards on pinterest. I’ll post a couple.

I would love to see these!

Thanks, looking forward to see your secret inspiration boards !

Here’s a cool website that goes a little more in-depth with their trend analysis than your typical pinterest board:

This one’s pretty cool. Psychedelic, cosmic, multi-colored, holographic, iridescent, rainbow. Shamelessly linking to my own board:

Very Cool, thanks for sharing !

Another one : Strong Chamfers

Minimalism - Primitives

Organic Design, especially those frame structures. Lovegrove’s products aren’t particularly recent but I think they captured the upcoming trend.

I think of trends more as a visual language than products in a category. I am a product designer, but I like to understand the emotional “feeling” you are trying to design for.

I feel like the retro “90’s” throwback styling is going to trend for 2017. A lot of color, neon, negative space. minimalism. visual weight. I also see a lot of inspiration in natural patterns.


More of a material but wood is used really often in products it didn’t before such as electronics. I would say lighter wood essence combined with white parts is seen often now.

The 90s are definitively making a comeback ! Thanks for sharing.

hey, I am a bit late, but I just saw this on the frontpage. Does anyone know what backpack this is in the first panel?

I’m curious, too.

This is a little different from the mood boards that have been posted, but this is a great little article about influential products that were released this year: The 2016 Product Releases That Will Shape the Future of American Style | Complex

PrintScreen + Reverse Image search gave me this :

Adding another one: Color accents. Especially colored lines against a neutral tone.