Current employer wants to use my personal work for a project

I am currently working at a small design firm as an intern. They want to use some work I developed on my own (before I started) for a project they are working on now. How do I handle the usage agreement for that? If I give them the data without a written agreement I am pretty sure they will not give me any credit/compensation if it goes into production or if it is sold or licensed. Have any of you had similar experiences? What is the best way to handle the situation? I would like to have some sort of contract that retains my ownership of the IP and any derivative works. I am mostly concerned with proper attribution, but some sort of profit sharing if it is sold or licensed would be nice. It is a packaging design if that helps with the answer. Also I am not seeking long term employment with the company.


unless it is really going to sell in huge volumes, I wouldn’t worry about royalties

sell it to them outright for a fixed price, while maintaining your ability to use the old (and new) product in your portfolio, with design credit

agreed. forget royalties. packaging design i don’t think is ever done for royalties. Sell it to them if they like. Have them make you an offer. keep in mind, it’s already done, so the value might not be a high as if you had to do the whole process (which you already did for yourself). consider gravy to get something in the market. good for the portfolio.


Triple agree. Figure out how many hours it took you, charge a reasonable rate as a student, and feel good that something you did is going forward!

Thanks for all the advice. I will see what their level of interest is and go from there.