Current best option for 3D printing of prototypes?

I’d like to be able to create protoypes with a 3D printer on a fairly regular basis and am wondering what my best option would be. I’ve considered RepRap, leasing a Mojo printer for $185/month, buying a MakerBot, having parts made through Shapeways/GrowIt3D, etc. I don’t need high resolution but would still like decent quality and functional parts. What would be my best option cost-wise?

here’s my opinion:
-reprap variant if you like trial-error troubleshoot problems, it will work like a charm after you learn all tidbits, check on rostock variant
-makerbot if you just something ready to use ( the price is higher compare to other ready to use “homemade” FDM printer)

  • go with form1 if you want high-res quality part, its the best for its price (but currently they’re been sued by 3dsystem)