Curiousity, Windows media player 10

This has been bothering me for awhile, but I haven’t ever heard anyone mention it.

In Media Player 10, when one plays a CD, it brings up the album cover on the right side of the player (downloaded via web). Below the album cover it says, “Buy this album from Napster”… I already bought the album, that’s how I’m listening to it! It’s a CD!

Can someone explain this to me? I think a much better ad would be, “See more works from this artist at Napster”, or “Get unreleased mp3’s from Napster” or something that is adding to the experience, not just another annoying ad.

havent upgraded. but noticed couple sites forcing the upgrade. noticed Quicktime free player not available yesterday. a different link took me to a new version. upgrade w iTunes built in. not sure i like that.

using Launchcast alot. few CDs in the player. not always reliable but good variety is worth it. and i like the way it takes feedback and hunts up music. havent used “Influencers” yet.