curious questions

before logging off I’ve got some curious (and strange) questions swimming in my head:
do designers get along with non-designers well ?
do designers get along with designer well ?
how many designers have designers as their spouses ?
do designers buy designers goods ?

I say this is strange is because I’m a designer myself…
but just curious about how others would answer these questions…

cheerio and adios !!!

do designers get along with non-designers well ?

I think designers are like the general population here. There are some that are friendly and out-going. Others are @$$holes.

do designers get along with designer well ?

Generally, I have found that designers get along well with each other. I’ve always felt a certain respect for other designer’s opinions, even when I disagree with them. I think that lets me get along with designers that most people would find to be hard-headed.

how many designers have designers as their spouses ?

I don’t know any, but generally, people of similar interest tend to attract. Therefore, more designers should be married to other designers or creative people.

do designers buy designers goods ?

I think so. Most designers with a job either: 1. realize that if they don’t buy designer goods, why should anyone else, ie support your comrades or 2. they just value good design.

Cheerygirl: How do you feel about your questions?

I agree with Mr-914…and I do have a furniture designer girlfriend…but we rarely talk about each others projects, mainly cause we end up moaning to much, but its good as we vist lots of design expos ‘n’ the like.

I have to disagree regarding the ‘designer goods’ though…are you referring to some high value inflated thing done by some so called ‘super designer’? as everything is designed by some one so everything is designer goods…but I kinda see where your going. Apart from my Alessi garlic crusher (which sits on my shelf) I normally steer clear of the fancy stuff, unless it fits the need & my price point.

I was thinking the same thing about “designer goods” wolf man. Some of the products that I own that I consider really great design, were not expensive and don’t have some name stamped on the bottom. They are still designed well by people that seem to have cared about making a product cheaper, easier to use, stronger, prettier, etc. Those are the products I’m refering to.

I think the quote from William Morris (ripped from Norman 2004) sums it up

“If you want a golden rule that will fit everybody, this is it: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be Beautiful”

note: I like how he says houses instead of house or apartment…you can tell he was certainly rich and lived along time ago…in 19th century

yes (but not if they’re both students).
yes and no.

nice question !

well i am cheeky but i am curious too… so I feel mischievious when asking these questions. Does that answer your question ? :wink:

But coming back to the point I ask these questions for some reasons and mainly to see how fellow designers see people and themselves. I will come back to this reasoning later. Its suppose to be zzzz time here but I was just too curious to know how this question would be answered.

So I shall return ! :slight_smile:

quickie here: I find a good number of designer-couples don’t want to talk about design. Isn’t that what they like to do ? I allways think that couples who do the same discipline are blessed. I mean you love each other, and you love your work and you could do the same things together. Isn’t that grand ? I would think so ! You could work and study and research together. How wonderful that is ! I’m envious. :slight_smile:

as for designer goods: I was refering more on expensive luxury items. Personally I don’t go for them unless they fulfill what I think is useful and reasonally priced.

Maybe I am just an odd kid around. : P : )

do designers get along with non-designers well ?
depends on people’s interests…

do designers get along with designer well ?
depends on people’s intrests…

how many designers have designers as their spouses ?
It seems this one is about 50/50 with half being married to a partner in some kind of creative field.

do designers buy designers goods ?
I would say about 50/50 on this one as well. I think their is one school of thought that involves surrounding yourself with and supporting and immersing yourself in what you define as great design, and another school that isn’t focused on this and views on design as a great job.

I think it all comes down to interests. I’ve met non-designers who are more interested learning about and supporting design than some designers are. Not to say what is right or wrong, just that people’s interests vary and people tend to gravitate to those with similar interests, values and views in a general sense.

Well, if they work for competing firms…now that would be interesting!

Too much in common is also worse than nothing at all. But the understanding of the hours and travel would be nice!