Curious question series 4

ok I’ve got questions not exactly to design but I just am curious to learn more about the States. I’ve got many friends there but they don’t email much so I’ve learnt litte. But I don’t really know what is the culture there for sure. How do you work in the States for design ? Is it similar to Europe ? Do Americans like Europeans design or indeed the people there ? What do Americans prefer for design ? Thanks !

Those are some very open ended questions. The US has its own culture but it is mostly a melting pot of a lot of different cultures. Also the culture changes depending on where in the US you are. For instance NYC culture will be much different than San Deiago culture in CA.

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Thanks for the responeses !

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PackageID, thanks for the reply. I’ll break it down to the few specific areas in the US: Midwest, NY, CA (mainly the Bay Area) and Arizona.

I get the feeling that people in some areas of the US are much more conservative than th rest. Some are very open while a few can be quite closed minded. Overall, I see European influenced design. I may be wrong as I have never been the States. Hope to get some feedback here. :slight_smile:

Also, I find that Canada has a lot of similarities with the US that many times its hard to differentiate between the 2 countries. I would have to start a seperate thread on that I suppose.

I think everywhere’s culture and like is not the same,maybe thie product sell good in USA,but as the same product ,maybe sell bad in Asia.

As a Canadian (Toronto), who has travelled extensively abroad (lived in Denmark for 3 years) and to the US, I believe that the US and Canada are likely more different than similar. While obviously influenced by our big neighbors to the South, I think most Canadians have a different social mindset than those in the US. More open, more tolerant, more passive, perhaps.


Asking people to summarize the culture of the US in a forum post is pointless. There is a wider range of cultures and attitudes here than there is in most of the rest of the world put together. It is by far the most heterogeneous society in the history of the world. You’re unlikely to see this even by visiting, unless you spend several years, travel around a lot, and talk to a lot of different people. Most tourists just go to Orlando or whatever, and think they’ve been to America.

To bring this back to design- there is a market here for everything. Some of those markets are much bigger than others, but it’s possible to make a living catering to just about any tiny fractured design segment you can think of. Mid century modern dog beds? Yep. Toilet paper with custom printed slogans? Yep. Japanese bondage gear? Yep. You get the idea.

hi Scott, many thanks for the detailed reply. I know it looks pretty pointless because its much better to get myself there than to ask this. But for the time being I cant go to the states, so I am trying to figure out preliminarily what is the envvironment there like. I keep on delaying the journey as I do not have enough days off to travel properly there. Its like a days flight so I do not just want to be there for 2 weeks or so. I reckon I won’t see much at all. The last time I was in Canada was for over a month and I could only see the western half of the country. I like Canada a lot. Its beautiful and the people are really gentle. I can only imagine from online conversations as well as seeing the Americans here.

Thats why I thought of asking. And I specified the few areas I am interested to know. The cultures must be some what different given the vast size of the country.

Hi Richard,

thanks for the explainantion. I notice that Canadians are more gentle by nature, which I actually like. I find Americans very loud. thats about the main difference that I could notice. Other than that very few. The culture still seems to be very close too. The accents very close too. If a Canadian and an American were to stand side by side quietly, I wouldn’t be able to tell much of a difference.

Funnily enough, I have gone the other way. An American who has lived in Canada for the past 10 years.

There are definite differences on a Macro scale. Political and Social beliefs are the most obvious. Its one of the things I like most about living in Canada. Its more…global in mindset.

On a micro level…a.k.a. one on one…I find the biggest thing to be that Canadians like to BELIEVE they are different (read as better) than Americans. When it comes right down to it, there are the same percentage of assholes in Canada as there are in the US. Just when you’re dealing with 350 Million as opposed to 35 Million, you have a bigger pile of assholes in the US as opposed to Canada.

I mean, really, I can sit here and sling sterotypes around about Canadians. Trust me, there are plenty. But what galls me the most is how it seems to be acceptable in Canada to have the equivalent of racist tendencies towards Americans. There’s a double standard here.

It seems pretty immature to write something like “I find Americans very loud” when your asking the very same people to explain their culture to you. Like others I’ve spent a decent amount of time in other countries and one thing I’ve learned is that anywhere you go, there are great people and there are horrible people. You can never classify a group of people as anything because its just wrong. And one other thing, the next time your asking a culture of people to open up to you and share their thoughts, you might wanna try doing it without insulting them first.

There are close minded ignorant people all over the world.

You’ll typically find that most of the design companies aren’t located in places like this, particularly New York and California.

I was born, raised, and currently live in NY, but personally I don’t really like it here. My main reasons for living here at the moment are simply because it’s where my friends and family live.

After going to school in the south for 5 years I greatly prefer the more laidback, slow paced life of the south. Sure, that comes with a huge influx of overly religious whackos, but I just tell them I’m jewish and they tend to leave me alone. :smiley:

With that said, if you’re from a big city already and don’t mind the city life (enjoy public transportation, high prices, small apartments and loud noises) then theres an infinite amount of culture and diversity in NY, so you’re bound to find somewhere that you love.

hi all
thanks for the reponses.
Well Americans are loud. Thats a personal opinion, honestly not an insult.
I just find them loud when they talk. Of course there are the accents that I could indentify with them. Probably there is a difference in conceiving the ideas here. That is why I post a question here to learn more. To be honest the image of an American is not that very nice. I have people who have been living in the states to give me steorotypes. I do not believe in all of them. My personal view is that Americans can be very senstive in certain ways. I cannot blame them because they do not understand every culture. but I would have appreciated a sense of understanding there.

My personal encounters with Americans are either they are very receptive and cheerful. The cheers and jokes can really bring in a lot of joy under the roof. But I also notice some who are really too much of themselves to disregard others presence.

I would tend to agree that Americans as a whole are rude, loud and obnoxious. They annoy me and I’m one of them!

That said, I’m more of the quiet, considerate type and fit in perfectly while traveling in eastern Europe. I don’t think I looked or acted out of the place in the least.

I’m still proud of my country and heritage though. Just stating my own personal opinion about us. Heck, when traveling, it’s probably smart to just say you’re Canadian since the rest of the world doesn’t hate them.

Hi Cheerygirl-

I’m surprised that no one has offered this up yet. Try listening to “This American Life”, a weekly radio show produced by a public radio producer named Ira Glass, and is based in Chicago, but have recently moved to NYC.

This will get you past the first-impression mannerisms that don’t really tell all that much about how a culture ticks.

link: (though it seems to be down right now. I believe that they also podcast through iTunes.)

Have fun. There’s 10 years worth of shows to listen to.

This is getting stupid. I mean really, you’re describing humans. Every nation, every culture, every person has their warts and flaws.

Let’s see, the Chinese aren’t exactly a “quiet” culture…you ever heard
Chinese Opera? Sounds like they’re skinning cats. Oh, and they suck at driving.
Australians? Don’t they drink too much? A friend who lives there tells me they’re a bunch of criminals too.
I think Mexican’s are lazy and eat tortillas all day.
Colombians, man, they’re a nasty bunch. Nothing but drug dealers.
Brits have some really nasty teeth.

Shall I continue?

If you haven’t already…go travel, work, live, experience the world. Live it and form your own opinions. When I become Supreme Dictator, it will be mandatory for everyone to take at least 3 trips off their continent before they’re 30. And no, traveling to Hawaii from the Us doesn’t count.

Spot on, and tour groups should not count either, get out in the thick, rub elbows eat and drink with the locals.

i think our foriegn policy makes the world view us american diff. ( mostly in a negative way).

america is a melting pot, true, but i noticed that all races tend to hang out with their own. that goes to the whites, bllks, latinos, and others. this is what
ive been noticing…so in a way the word “melting” is not exactly the right word to use because we tend to “deal” with each other instead of trying to understand each other. and i live in california…

just my 2 cents :wink:

ip-wireliess, well said! Chinese opera does sound like skinning cats ! I find it so too. Chinese opera is loud and I don’t really like it myself either. I often think its killing me. But having said that, and thinking from another side of the coin, the stage crafts and the skills involved is an art itself if they could cut down the high pitch singing.

But I do not mean that kind of loudness…

I am not surprised to read such responses. Its not exactly stupid. Probably I should have come to the point. But I thought if I was to put some traits that most people see Americans, I could see how people would respond.

I do travel in Asia, Europe and elsewhere.But I have never been to the States. I have many friends who have been there, and the things they say are really extreme. Either they like it very much or they hate it very much. I can see why the split in the middle but I cannot confirm. (note that people here are not restricted to asians but to another nationalities too) I hope this is read with candour.

One of the obvious pointers that most people would say is Americans are very particular about every detail of any comments or words used. I was thinking about that. Now it looks like it is true. Much more sensitive than Europeans. Its very evident on forums I’ve noticed. I can see the pride for your country. It is a great and accomplished one. But the pride is not taken in a humble way which is really to your disadvantage in many ways. I say this out of good will.

just a thought here.

my sharpening skills need to be refined…