Curious about the Xbox controller design

Who designed the Xbox 360 controller, was it the carbon group or Astro studios?

I thought it was Carbon, but it might have been a collaboration.

Great controller, I was looking at my nephews controller over the weekend. Very sturdy and some really nice details.

hey all sites on the internet say its been designed by Astro,
how did you get the information of possible collaboration??

I’m not saying it is fact that it was a collaboration, but it could’ve been - I know of a few collaborative projects between consultancies (ie IDEO & DesignPartners)

It’s on Carbons site as well…

I thought it was Astro as well.

Nice looking controller that feels good in the hands. The D-Pad leaves a lot to be desired, but that’s probably more an engineering issue.

just called office of carbons in hann, germany. guy said that they designed only
engineering(its functions and stuff) and design(thing you ve been askin for) have been designed by Astro.
actually if you read their description of x box controller
on their web site they didnt mention they have design it.
lastly Carbons is an engineering team.

hope this is the answer you were looking for


Carbon does a lot of Mechanical Design for M$. I am pretty sure they have begun diving into the Industrial Design side of things as well. They used to be called Lakeside Engineering, or something to that effect, if I have my facts straight.

From everything I have heard and read about the xBox it was a collaboration of many designers, including industrial designers from several locations - mechanical, Industrial, electrical, etc…

Interesting. That’d explain the images showing the layout of components and boss extrusions etc. It’s a great controller, feels really solid and there are some really nice mechanical details.

Except the battery pack is too much in the way, have to bend fingers. Travel distance on the triggers is to long as well if I’m being really picky.
Still, it is by far the best controller.

Battery pack doesn’t seem to affect me, but then again it’s rare that I’d have one of the controllers in my hands… (unless my nephew starts whinging at me to teach him a lesson in Pro Evo Soccer).

Soccer? Don’t you mean Football? :wink:

I think its actually Fútbol :slight_smile: