Curious about ID

I have an extensive backround and a few Fine Arts degrees but finally accepting their limited potential. I love creating objects and manipulating materials. Also great at 2D and 3D. While looking at design jobs around town I realize that my knowledge in technology is lacking.
So I have started the process of going back to school for ID. Overall I imagine that a career in this field is a perfect way for me to utilize my talents.
Is going back to school necessary/ the best route? Is ID an appropriate career choice? Looking for any feedback. I am in Portland, OR.

Have you ever consider the design process a mental model to solve problems ?.

Design as the strategic role to merge and pollinate ideas, culture and solutions including products, services and environments is on your ID defiinition?

Is not just about making nice skatches, and extraordinary models. Out-of-the -planet sketchers and modelers in ID programs is not enough to understand the overall design process.

Nowadays a lot of schools worldwide are movin’ to a more estrategic way of thinking and more human centered position. (visit yet the website of stanford’s california based d-school?) .Maybe the conception of design is closer to the aplication of techonology avaible, our world was changed due information interpretation aplied in activities related to human behavior.

Have you consider design like a experiencie broswer for human condition?

Have you ever consider innovation as a lifeblood ingredient of economy? and the realtion of this with ID?

Have your ever consider ID as a structured source for reaching better quality of life?

Gettin’g back to school sounds great, but a bachelor’s degree of innovation is not the kind of stuff i read on the school academic brochures…

I suggest you to take a look around about books on design in the special section of this site, or type in amazon product design, industrial design or stuff related to innovation. Maybe this words can help you:

Hope succes on your endeavour.