CSM foundation or other university?

Hi everyone!

I’m 28YO now and I’ve chosen to start product design course in CSM this year. Few days ago I’ve received their offer for foundation course in diagnostic pathway. Foundation fee is 16500 for international students. The next deadline for application is next year.
I’m currently self-employd, business is going not quite good now and for covering all tuition fees I’m going to sell one of my apartment in my home country and start a new life.
I have few questions for you guys:

  1. Is CSM that good as people say? I’ve done some research and found out that CSM is overrated somehow, people say that foundation program is quite a waste of time there.
  2. Do I really need to pay this 16,5 grands to attend to next year BA course? Can I just complete some art and design one year courses in my country and then apply for the 2014?
  3. How is situation with employment in product design industry?
  4. Should I apply for other countries universities? I’ve heard that US design school are much more open-minded.
    Thank you for your time!

I just sent you a PM regarding CSM. I graduated last year so hopefully my views will help, most of the forum here are based in the US so I am not sure if many will be familiar with the school.

Thanks a lot for PM!
I can not reply to it yet.
I’m really looking forward to UC. I love their co-op opportunity.
But five years is too much - I’ll be 33 at graduation…
Any other solution guys?

Anyone got the opinion about CSM?
Is it really good?
I have time to come up with decision till 18th of May.

Like I said most people on this forum are from the US and will be unfamiliar with the school. We have a few alumni overseas but many stick to the UK and Europe. My PM should have given you an insight on how the course has been run over the past few years…

Hello, nice to meet you.

I also want to know more about CSM, especially for master. Could you please tell me more about your view and experience, such as what they are looking for? Thank you

Hey there …
Did you decide to go ahead with the Diagnostic Foundation? I am due to start in Sept. But I have my reservations. I am 31 and I have a degree in Interior Design. I want a career change - the recession in the UK means I haven’t worked in the industry in a few years. And I cannot afford to study a BA. I thought the Diagnostic Foundation may give me direction. But I’m very uncertain now and it’s really impossible to find out any information from past students … Hopefully you can help! :slight_smile:

Hey iamdave, Would you mind telling me a little about your experiences at CSM…? Did you study the Diagnostic Foundation?

Hi Aisling, I did my BA at CSM but I did my foundation elsewhere. Foundation was a lot of fun, but I was 18-19 and it was free for home students and all about experimenting. The first half of the year was about finding your niche, they would set us all the same task and allow us to execute how we saw fit. This would usually give the tutors an idea of what you would specialise in. The second half of the year was then about completing projects more applicable to your set area (fashion, textiles, product, fine art etc).

The idea of foundation is to help direct the path of an art & design degree after you complete it, if you don’t intend on doing a BA it might not be worth your time as it won’t give you the credentials for a job.

In terms of the ID BA at CSM I wouldn’t recommend it as it isn’t as hardcore as some of the other courses in the UK (Loughborough, Northumbria)