The new line of Adobe Creative Products just launched (CS4). Anyone get a chance to beta test any of them? I was looking through the product features of CS4 Extended, the 3D object painting seems pretty sweet. Check it out here:

When are you folks planning on upgrading?

I think this was just released, seems like as good a time as any for a bump. Anyone cough up the dough for it? I’m still on CS2! I can’t keep up with you, Adobe!

the speeds using the graphics card processor sounds pretty amazing…

especially with the new MPB…

holy balls CS4 is expensive though!

I never used any of the 3D in CS3…I don’t know if I’ll use it in CS4. Seems neat though.

I’ll be upgrading, we’re getting audited for french language software, so I need to dump CS3 english for CS4 in french. Bummer.


You’re getting audited for using software that isn’t in french?

interesting. I guess if you need a reason, though…!

It’s already on the torrent sites for all of you dirty little pirates.

Buy it and support good work.

Well, I heard we were getting audited for french-ness. Everyone is angry…and I work with only French!

Probably filled with a healthy dose of back door trojans and key loggers too!

I’m tempted, but I just forked out for CS3… the GPU utilization capabilities are impressive though

I have to say, it seems that Illustrator and PS have only become buggy after they switched to CS1. I wish I could have have PS 6 and Ill 9 back.

I find really annoying that the pure drawing function never was really improved from a designer point of view : to make early stage silhouettes with cad-like tools like the CADtools add-on.
I mean when you use the radius tool you never know what you’ll get ! Sometimes radiuses sometimes it smoothes the construction lines.
And when doing rather geometrical work like pictogram or the like it could really be useful to have the level of logic of CAD apps.
Musn’t be a priority for them. To me lllustrator is quite a mystery : It does nothing well (as photoshop does image processing or InD text and image multipages documents) but everyone I know uses it sometimes or all the time :
-You want to make a layout obviously you should use inD or Xpress.
-You want to make an illustration : you can’t really “draw” with it. I mean like with a stylus. In recent Alias versions you can sketch a line and it becomes a nurbs line ! That’s freehand “vector” drawing !
(maybe you can do that in Illustrator now I seldom use it don’t know it as well as before)

  • Or you want to do a low tech drawing like a cut out for cardboard packaging. Something that needs both graphics and a little bit of blueprint around for the angles and the radiuses. Well you’ll fight with the app to get your origami right, don’t you ?! People have been using Illustrator for packaging for 20 years and it still can’t be a straighforward process !

I wonder which is the professional creative they aim for ? A non-illustrator (despite the name), non-packaging specialist, non-web-specialist, non-print specialist. Curious…

I feel that Adobe has been launching new software much faster then they use to.

Illustrator is awesome, you just need a reason to use, i.e. laser cutting. I made my resume in it which makes people who are not in art/ design think you have some crazy skills at MSoffice (lol).

I hear that there are some good changes to flash in CS4 especially if your in the developer world:


Also in terms of piracy what about the argument that the more people using the software the better for the company?

How many pirated copies will be producing commercial work? All pirated copies could then be passed off as educational building an empire of creative professionals working in Adobe products.