CS-3 steps

Using CS-3 what are the steps one does to make the line drawing active and how do you put the other layers on top so one can later come back in and erase the line drawing? Thanks

How many ways can you skin a cat?

What would be the steps, after one scans the line drawing in. set it to multiply, but how do you then get that layer to be on top?

sorry, not sure what you are asking…can you clarify?


Keep your multiply layer as your top layer. All layers you add to the drawing need to be below your multiply layer.

Hope that makes sense and helps.

You can just click on the layer and drag it to the top of the list. That’s how you can make the order whatever you want it to be. I may be wrong but I would have to bet that if you don’t know photoshop well enough to know this, it may not be time for you to do renderings yet. I saw someone else also ask how to clean up scanned pages in photoshop since they were putting their portfolio together. I’d bet that the portfolio probably still needs a lot more work if they aren’t on the level yet to know those basic photoshop tools. I’m not trying to sound negative, just make sure you’re really good at the basics before moving to other things like digital sketching, etc…

Im with skinny on this one.
I think it would be a lot more valuable if you would try to stay away from getting the precise method on how to do something in PS at this stage. You would learn a lot of other things about photoshop by just trying to solve it yourself which would be beneficial in the end.

When you feel a bit more adjusted to the software you can start working through tutorials and forumthreads to see how other work.

Can you post some of your work and a little about yourself so we can know better how to help?

I all I am asking is what is the best way to set ups ones line drawing to then rendering using Photoshop. I want the line sketch to be active, I then want to take the path tool and make my selections and fill with color and then work with the dodge and burn tools. Then I would like to come back and erases some of my line work. When ever I go into that line sketch layer, it erases with that checker board pattern. I cant just get the line work to erase. Should I make another copy of the line sketch when I make it a multiply layer? Does any one have work flow like I am describing?

I think I understand what you are asking? You want to avoid seeing the checker pattern when you erase correct?

If your line sketch layer is on the “background” layer, duplicate that layer and place a blank white layer in-between the original background layer and the duplicate. That way when you erase any layer above the blank white layer you will not see any checker board pattern.

Thanks, will try that.