I am cuerrently studying product design at uni and I have just got a new PC. I need to buy a monitor for it. The programs I will mainly be using are Photoshop and Alias Pro Tools. Does anyone know what typr of monitor is best to buy? I was originally going to buy a TFT but I have been advised otherwise - I was told that the colours change when viewed from different angles which is obviously a problem when using Photoshop. Also for the price of a 17" TFT I can buy a 19" CRT or bigger. Does anyone know what is best to buy? Also, is there just one way of connecting the monitor to the PC? I’m sure I heard about some digital connection or something? Any comments would be greatfully recieved!!!

I prefer CRT. I used to have a TFT but gave up on it cus the print is no where near the contrast I see on the monitor. I’ve also compared it with CRTs, and CRT colors seems more natural.

Oh BTW, I sold that 17" TFT for half the price I paid on ebay. Turns out that I still got $50 of change after getting a new 19" CRT from ViewSonic.

does anyone else have any ideas on what it would be best for me to buy?