crowd-funding forum discussions on core77 boards?

A suggestion for a forum category: crowdfunded projects. A dedicated place on the discussion boards where people can post their crowd funding projects. Maybe some rules (have to show process, sketches, models, prototypes, failures, dead-ends). Also maybe feedback on ideas before they are launched.

I believe the forum rules are no selling, fair enough, but I’d like to see a place where these sorts of things can be shown on the core boards, if it is possible.

What do you think?

I’m for it.

Arguably spam-ish, but if it is confined to one spot, it is something you don’t have to look at if you don’t want to.

It’s all new products. If a designer isn’t interested in new products, well, maybe they shouldn’t be a designer.

This request comes up pretty frequently. Typically what happens is, someone posts a Kickstarter project with nothing more than an announcement and link to the project with no other details. One of the moderators usually replies to the topic suggesting they post some process, research etc., and 9 times out of 10 there’s no response.

At that point it’s simple spam advertising. Which is pretty lame.

I believe if some-one wants to show process, sketches, models, prototypes, failures, dead-ends… etc. from a crowd-funded project there already is a section for this → Projects.

The only reason to have a separate section dedictated to crowd-funding would be if the forum changed the rules and allowed sales pitches. I hope they don’t. But then again, make it into a “spam”-section of the forum that doesn’t show up in the “new from the forum” ticker on the front page and I’m all for it. Those wanting to fund a project can look it up actively :smiley:


Good point.

On the issue of the forum rules (no selling, no spamming), what would be an appropriate way to announce a crowdfunded project this in the “Projects” forum? The forum rules do say:

…A short link to your studio, blog, portfolio or product in your signature is fine as long as it is relevant and your comment is the focus of your post…

but then:

…Commercial Activities. No direct selling of goods and services…

Maybe at the end of the project post something like: “Here is a link to the Kickstarter”? Small, unobtrusive, not directly selling?

We keep it somewhat vague so we can give some latitude to long time and frequent posters. If you are an active part of this community, and you want to share a kickstarter campaign, I’m OK with it, thought we are going to ask you to post process, and post directly into the forum. If this is someone’s first post, and all it is is a link to a kickstarter and a giant hand out, it is going to be delted quickly.

We like having it all be a part of the projects forum (thought there could be a sub forum) with the hopes of hypothetical situations like someone starts a self directed project, gets a bunch of feedback… and then puts it on kickstarter and posts a link. I think that would be ideal.