crossdiscipline design interior design&visual communicat


I’m doing a design research dissertation on cross-discipline design. i’m aiming to uncover any problems involved when designers from different disciplines collaborate, specifically between visual communication and interior design.

if you are a visual communication designer or an interior designer and have any experiences you might like to share, it would be greatly appreciated! below are four questions if you’re interested.



  • In your experience with cross-discipline design collaboration, have you had any problems working with any of the disciplines, specifically with the discipline of interior design and visual communication?

    *What do you think could be done to improve the design process between the visual communication designers and interior designers?

  • What do you think could be done to improve design education regarding cross-disciplinary approaches to
    teaching design to interior design and visual communication students?

*Are there any specific skills from each of the disciplines that you think should be incorporated into each of the disciplines design programs?