cross methods?

hey! guys

do you know the exact name of cross methods when we try to position the product? I mean use two opposite words in the ends and two lines(one is vertical, another is horizontal)

thank you very much!

WTF? What on earth are you talking about???

for example:

two axises (one is horizontal, the other is vertical)

on the horizontal axis, there are two words on each end (local, national)

on the vertiacl axis, there are also two words on each end ( traidtional, interanational)

the two axis crossed

we use this kind of method in concept generation stage

but I don’t know what on earth this kind of method is called. I just wanna look for more informations

thank you for reply

a matrix

different types depending on what you are using them for

“high and to the right” - Guy Kawasaki

but matrix is different method, sth. like table is matrix

cross only have four bland area to be discussed

this is a good site for help trying to define curves. I am sure that the simple algebra you are speaking of has a defined proper name.

This site is good when trying to define datum curves for sketching splines.

…quadrant chart.

Are you talking about a position map?

This is awesome. I can’t believe even I was sucked in wasting my time.

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