Crocs 7/11 collab shoes?

Just shut it all down…


Looking at the release website it looks like it’s a tongue-in-cheek, fun way for both Crocs and 7-11 to get some more exposure and make some more money.

I’m not sure we should consider this design, and I’m not sure we should be giving this much attention as designers. It’s a marketing thing. And the current consumers are obviously up for whimsy and shallow ploys for attention grabbing.

Also, looking at the designs, I’m not mad, they are pretty ok and consistent. In bad taste maybe, but not necessarily bad design. I like them better than the KFC collab.

That said, these collabs also show that ‘we’ are still very far away from the responsible/sustainable consumerism required to lessen the climate crisis.

I like brand mashups in general, but am most enthusiastic about the odd-couple ones, when one company is much smaller, or part of some other cultural niche. So this collab or the Nike x 7-11 is alright, but Funko, Be@rbrick or Bandai x 7-11 is better…


Come to think of it, the McDonald’s “adult happy meal toy” kind of fits the bill too!

Maybe I just have no affinity for 7/11? I’d prefer circle K or plaid pantry? :upside_down_face:

Well if Nike or another brand makes top-quality shoes for all corporate staff, they are more durable than most other shoes, can be bought in at high volumes. That contributes positively to climate change as well. That’s almost communism meets capitalism. Plus it’s great advertising, also for the delivery guys/girls out on the streets.

But the crocs, that’s just an exercise in absurdity.